Black Ops 3 Fake Gun Game Trolling (BO3 Beta)

I know the real Black Ops 3 Gun Game Mode is months away. So I decided to make a video giving us a look at what it might be like. Here is Black Ops 3 Knife Only Gameplay with old Call Of Duty Gun Game Reaction Audio to create the effect!

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Clan Has A Mental Breakdown:



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  1. Are one of the person that got killed in the game why would you post this

  2. so this video is not real is a scripted

  3. Do your isucknuts Trolling again or play with Kosdff again

  4. Why I like PS4 over XBOX : Constant threats from squeakers of hacking me, constant threats from squeakers of hacking me, and constant threats from squeakers of hacking me lol

  5. Haha

  6. Lol

  7. y do they get mád when they get knife thats stupid they making yhu look stupid chuz yhu suck

  8. he had to much fun with gun game

  9. It's out now! You gonna do a video?

  10. this is the problem with cod squeaker: "stop knifing or I'll hack you 😡"

  11. is this boosting? ok so i was playing bo2 and i got a dragon fire and there was a prestiege 2 who kept 1 shotting me with the S12 at a range that should not be a 1 shot with S12 but when i got a dragon fire i got no fucking hitmarkers on him even though i had like perfect aim and i only killed him by shooting his head? cause he had like 500 health

  12. cant say humiliation but claims to be able to hack, TROLOLOLOLOL

  13. So they do have knifs in BO3

  14. I love this

  15. You fucking troll

  16. You better look out!
    He might hack you!

  17. and Ima hack you lol u wont and cant hack for shet. kids these days gotta stop trying act like gonna do something when they literally cant bc its just a game.

  18. You have cartman's laugh ROFL I love it <3

  19. Lmao the so called hackers in this game 😆

  20. 217 ok do it now b!tch.lying fu@kin squeakers.sounds like he's fricken 3

  21. LOL! That guy that says "excuse my language"

  22. Is bo3 only for ps4 and xbox1 only??¿?

  23. Can you do a vid with the reaper?

  24. The outro never gets old

  25. Put a camo on the knife it's super cool

  26. Fake as fuck!!

  27. Fake or not it's still freaking funny as hell.


  29. I'm surprised Coach hasn't been swatted, tbh

  30. "I'll hack your system"

  31. I look forward to this…

  32. What does overdrive do

  33. Gets really pissed off and threatens with hacking, yeah that'll make him stop

  34. lol you're 1 of the best trollers around

  35. Hey, Coach. What do you think of the game so far?

  36. Vigilant Christian Mario says trollers are dum

  37. I really want to watch this but I promised myself not to spoil anything about the game, I want to experience it without knowing anything about it. I did give the video a like though XD

  38. Even though this was fake it was hella funny xD

  39. fucking love it, keep it up coach lol

  40. It's even funnier because I've heard these reactions from watching your original vids like a hundred times. You matched the reactions perfect coach! Thanks again for all your hard work keeping us all entertained! Cheers!

  41. I Love it haha 😀 Seriously I cant wait to see you go full on knifing in gun game is this game. I think it will be very fun, One thing Im thinking how are they going to do the specialist characters with in Party Games? That could get crazy haha 😛

  42. Damn, first time i've seen it and cod looks like shit once again, video was funny tho

  43. Oh this year is gonna be greaaat :p

  44. Wow! Awesome video, I just did a 4 minute knife montage and I thought it was legit but this video is great!!

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