Black Ops 2 Zombies: First Ever Game "Town" | Lucky Ray Gun!


I have much newer and better zombies gameplay and informational videos out. This video is actually embarrassing to me and worth a look to check out my newer content as it has improved greatly from my video quality to my microphone quality. Give it a try, and let me know! It’s greatly appreciated!


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Skip to 1:55 for the start. Sorry for the audio quality – I put the mic too close to my mouth! That’ll be fixed for the next episode.

Can I get a like please for my first ever game and first ever mystery box that gave me a ray gun? My prayers were answered!

Here I play Black Ops 2 Zombies in my first ever game in town. I also get a lucky ray gun from my first ever mystery box, too!

Expect daily uploads from now on since I have a new desktop. Black Ops 2 a plenty!



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  1. g'day m'lady, i twas pondering the idea of us playing some of the COD Zombies, pherhaps you could respond?

  2. I wonder when she or he gets the most powerful gun in the game in the future wich is the lightning I think what ever the name is

  3. Made a ton of good memories with this game. Also with alot good friends. When BO2 released, i played endless games and hours of zombies. Town was my fav map for sure, my best solo was 60.


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