Black Ops 2 Zombies: First Ever Game "Town" | Lucky Ray Gun!

I have much newer and better zombies gameplay and informational videos out. This video is actually embarrassing to me and worth a look to check out my newer content as it has improved greatly from my video quality to my microphone quality. Give it a try, and let me know! It’s greatly appreciated!


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Skip to 1:55 for the start. Sorry for the audio quality – I put the mic too close to my mouth! That’ll be fixed for the next episode.

Can I get a like please for my first ever game and first ever mystery box that gave me a ray gun? My prayers were answered!

Here I play Black Ops 2 Zombies in my first ever game in town. I also get a lucky ray gun from my first ever mystery box, too!

Expect daily uploads from now on since I have a new desktop. Black Ops 2 a plenty!



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  1. Can you make more call of duty black ops 2 zombie town survival

  2. Me too

  3. When you get at the higher round the zombie will run

  4. g'day m'lady, i twas pondering the idea of us playing some of the COD Zombies, pherhaps you could respond?

  5. I suck at it too but I use more money

  6. Save your money please

  7. Best thing playing town in 2012 miss it so much

  8. Who else watching this again from like 2012-2016 lmao young Malichi days

  9. Why were you acting like a pro and you didnt know if you had jugg

  10. Hi

  11. Hey im watching this from 2019 i remember watching this video a long time ago and i enjoyed

  12. I wonder when she or he gets the most powerful gun in the game in the future wich is the lightning I think what ever the name is

  13. Yo if your watching in 2019 just to remember the good old days. Like my comment

  14. seriously round 11you are 2 noob in black ops 3 and 2 i reached round 100 with ray gun mark 2

  15. Gets jug

    1 min later can't risk it because I don't have a jug

    Edit : yes I am watching this on 2019

  16. Bro why do you shoot the penis

  17. Made a ton of good memories with this game. Also with alot good friends. When BO2 released, i played endless games and hours of zombies. Town was my fav map for sure, my best solo was 60.

  18. Bru your mic

  19. Ray gun is total trash it is one of the worst wonder wepons ever

  20. Omg you suck

  21. Now it’s 2019

  22. Dude save points

  23. Are you done with my clothes woman

  24. Lol

  25. eu achei você muito bonita

  26. You will do great kid get ray gun first try

  27. This was kind of CRINGY

  28. NO

  29. Hola has 5000 de dinero y metete en la laba beras que dise 5000

  30. Turn the sensitivity to 8, I play on 14.

  31. 12:17 how is that yelling possible if the round is over🤔

  32. My record for now on town is only 32 round `~`

  33. Are u ever gonna upload. If u do everyone will miss u. Espically me. 2018 anyone?

  34. Worst zombie video


  36. Me beat lyö 60

  37. Haha u died I got to 112 round noob

  38. I went to round 58 Bo3

  39. Stop reloading because you are wasting your ammo

  40. Do you have bo1

  41. 2018 ???

    Damm she sound hottt

  42. Girlsgamer I survived to round 200 on black ops 3 zombie with the best people

  43. You should use the nuke when you get it

  44. Love the ray gun

  45. I lvethe Ray gun

  46. You might play better if you dont reload that quick eben when you lose 1 bullet

  47. on my first try

  48. I got to round 12

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