Black Ops 2 Funny Moments! – Mission: Defeat DaithiDeNogla! (Gun Game Rage and Sticks and Stones!)


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  1. 11:02
    Nogla: you so lucky that nnnic 'em
    Tyler: What?
    Marcel: What?
    Evan: What?
    Marcel again: What?
    Tyler again: What?
    Scotty: What?
    Evan: laughing nervously
    Brian: laughing

  2. If you want to have fun on gun game change the setback to 5 or 10 and when you knife it sets you back a lot

  3. Tyler: The toxic player
    Nogla: The Pro
    Vanoss: The annoying player
    Brian: The melee b*tch
    Scotty: The psycho
    Marcel: The try hard


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