Black Mirror: Bandersnatch Is Part Video Game, Part Movie


Jacki and David give us a taste of what to expect from Black Mirror: Bandersnatch.

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  1. IDK why but it was really weird when he said “Most phones these days are touch screen” all phones are touch screen now, the ones that are not are the flip phones and people with those can’t and aren’t worried about getting Netflix to run.
    I know this is a dumb thing to worry about but it’s just driving me nuts lol. IGN is a tech site, I can see them saying it on like the local news for tech dumb people and old people.

  2. Apparently I got ending where he finished the game, got 5/5, went to prison and a woman recreates the game 😛
    Made that decision twice cuz I had to see where I missed

  3. Didn't like it at all. One gets too much invested in choosing the options that one can't enjoy the episode. I hope the following episodes are normal like the earlier seasons. Disappointed.

  4. The only people who like this have enough time on theyre hands to go back if anything if they wanted to do it right they should just did it like a dvd game those were fun because it was a game movie rather than a movie game. Most games are just interactive movie but its different to have a actual movie be interactive it takes a way from any deep story telling which is the appeal of black mirror very few of their shorts are weak story telling. The only way this fits is technology beside that this is no different than cloverfield paradox shoe horn in a strong reliable name and a premise far from the sourcel to catch people eye. Being this generation way of entertainment this will be ran into the ground everyone is going to want to make a interactive movie that might have one true gem out if the hundreds… But no one can say this blew them away the acting yeah no doubt. The only thing i enjoyed was the fight scene was so out of place and corny. Everything else felt dragged out pretty fast. Only watched it to see what the buzz was all about wasnt terrible but i wouldnt want this to become the next thing.

  5. To all the people saying whatever is the real ending, I think they are all really endings. You choose your path and you get your ending. So you get the real ending. Look I'm probably wrong but it's just an idea lmao

  6. The only true ending is actually the one where you take the train with mom and you die, because it’s the only ending where you don’t get the option to go back and change it. It just ends there…

  7. As cool as this is. I want a story told to me. I don’t want to tell the story, or decide where it goes.

  8. I got the ending where they cut filming and the director and actors were aware they were on set… im like did i break it?


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