Black Mesa PC Game Review – Xen Incognito


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Black Mesa is the award winning fan-made re-imagining of Gordon Freeman’s landmark journey through the Black Mesa Research Facility. Relive Half-Life, Valve Software’s revolutionary debut, and experience the game that raised the bar for the entire game industry all over again!


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  1. My only problem with human combat in Black Mesa is that the HECU Marines are way too spongy, and can survive a METRIC FUCK TON of 9mm of 12g Buckshot rounds.

  2. black mesa is like getting your house painted then nearly 20 years later when the paint is scraping off getting someone else to repaint it with pictures of how it was originally but they put random shit on the wall anyway

  3. I like BM and definitely recommend it, but i did see some of the problems you mentioned still persist (even now that the game is officially done – 2020) My biggest gripe is the mounted mini-guns that are basically useless for me, while in the OG HL it always a blast getting my hands on one of those.

  4. See, I can't help but disagree. I think Black Mesa is the superior way to play Half Life 1. While I understand your opinions, I think you're a little blinded by your nostalgia.

  5. The bullet weapons are actual objects now, final released version, not hit scans. Turn on auto run. Circle strafe and bunny hop like the bastard son of quake and doom you are and have a whale of a time.

  6. Coming from the time when Xen is starting to be released, ive returned to Black Mesa and Im having a blast with it. Yet to get to Xen, but I'm hyped.

  7. I really like your reviews. Each to his own and all that but I have to disagree about the original HL maps. They were great for exploration and puzzling, of course, but the idea that they were carefully calibrated for excellent combat is a bit off IMO. That part in WGH was exciting but ultimately pretty cheap. Were those boxes really so brilliantly, precisely, lovingly placed to be just so??? The best way to tackle that battle is just to bolt straight for the manhole. And the Surface Tension ambush relies on dying a few times and learning the layout. Good fun, but again not exactly fair. As you say HL combat was always pretty bad. I don't think the maps can be excluded from that criticism.

  8. this guy's a whiny b** looking for something to complain about because of the combat and half life is bad why did they make a multiplayer game do you want to know what this game's called it's called Counter-Strike which started off as a Half-Life 2 mod using what oh my God it's the source engine but since it's such terrible combat Let's throw wall that multiplayer competitive league s*** out the window be real and admit that you're a purist that can't stand when anything gets modded or changed

  9. I have to ask, what does a shooter need to do to be more interesting than other fps games? You say games where you aim a gun and shoot is dated gameplay for a shooter, but that's MOST shooters, even today!
    Unless you add time mechanics, like in SUPERHOT or F.E.A.R., you can't really do much with a game that's built around shooting and blowing up enemies.

  10. Wow.. holy shit… I can't believe how much more polished and graphically beautiful the game has become in the space of two years….. They didn't take 2 years just to add Xen, they totally overhauled most of the game, weapons, enemies, sounds, lighting, post-processing, levels etc…. I mean the current version looks epic compared to this one.

    The attention to detail really brings this remake to life, even the little things you notice in the background and the way the Vortigaunt and HECU gasmask eyes light up in the dark….

    Aaaaaand… Playing this on hard mode is really fucking challenging, it's brilliant… It really gives me the old school hardcore difficulty vibes that have been sorely missed.

  11. Oh, I get it. You're a noob who can't play first person shooters, and so you somehow manage to criticise probably one of the best FPS games ever made (HL1) and it's absolutely awesome remake (BM). I'm sorry both fail to cater to your needs and don't coddle your sensitive ass throughout the game.

    If it's less action, it's bad (surface tension, we've got hostiles). If it's more action (end of questionable ethics), it's bad. Seriously, you should better pick up a puzzle game, all I hear in this video is just "rant rant rant" with no real argument.

    BM is a very successful recreation of a legendary game, with everything that devs put into it: largely based on the original, but with many custom adjustements and even whole new areas in some chapters.

    Despite being still in early access, it's more or less bug free, beautiful to look at, all mechanics working. Do you have something actual to complain about or just nitpicking? This game is an amazing achievement, fluid, vivid, graphically stunning, packed with action and you didn't provide a single valid argument why to dislike it.


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