Black Guy Plays: Visage! CRAZY Psychological Horror Game!


Visage PC Gameplay by @DionDoes
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  1. It’s 3 am I’m bouta put on my airpods and turn off the lights and go full screen pray for me…..

  2. Also, im gonna be watching your full vid here, it's dark out and i have them headphones on too my guy. Please get up on that dbd

  3. DEAD BY DAYLIIIIGHT! I'll sub to you if you do. There's been updates and it'll get you more exposure

  4. Scarejump list:
    10:46 Nothing special
    12:46 the radio suddenly turns on
    14:10 lights in the bathroom starts to act weird in few seconds they go to hell,weird sounds afterwards
    15:10 Lights came back from hell and then they go back again
    16:38 ….I don t know what should i call this weird sounds
    17:29 I think I heard floor cracking
    22:55 same
    23:55 same again
    25:41 same
    27:21 same again(there are a lot of cracking floor sounds)
    28:33 radio suddenly turns on
    29:04 – 29:06 doors close on they own
    29:21 lights go to hell again
    30:09 if you look carefully the closets starts to open
    30:45 knocking sounds when he click on picture (same goes for his next few tries)
    30:58 lights started to flick for a second (same after few seconds)
    31:45 lights flick again in the halway(big)
    31:50 lights go to hell AGAIN (creepy atmosphere in the dark)
    34:24 lights go to hell AGAIN
    36:14 TV turns off
    38:56 creepy sound probally of unknown death thing(in this moment i automatic stopped video)
    40:33 we see demon painted on the wall on the end of halway
    There is probaly more but Im not brave anymore so this is all I can do.

  5. I paused the video to comment this lol, but I think it’s a very cool idea with the “sanity” thing. Haven’t watched passed that part so idk exactly what happens but them making you move along makes it even more intense! But if you stand around too long I’m assuming things will pop up and scare you even worse

  6. Lol me watching this before bed fluff. Keep up the work Mav been watching you for 1 1/2 years and enjoy every video


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