Black Diablos [MH Unite / 2G][Dual Swords] ~ ShimmerArc


Requested by Craighunter666. Thanks dood !
Diablos depicted in video is a G-ranked (HR9) Diablos with a new moveset (The Horn Heave). It has around 1/2 hp of a Solo Diablos run. HBGs will certainly speed up time a lot but I just love meleeing it. ^_^

Armor Skills:

(A Mix of Golden Moon and Rath Soul) *wink* 😉

Dual Sword :
Silhoutte Sabers G
350+ raw 400 ice

Fyi , Black Diablos is weak to ice.

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Will accept any (doable) video requests. 🙂

Videos currently in progress: Red Cean / Montage #2



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  1. @TheDevil666666666 Eh? You mean the one that's playing while I'm in the Arena? That's the Monster Hunter arena track. >.<

  2. dude you should just deal with the fact that you have what you need -.- even if your tryin to be funny it just stupid -.-

  3. the duels swords are niether, they have an ice element so they MAY be kushala but don't quote me on that… hope that helped

  4. RathSoul Z (Gunner)
    Golden Moon Z
    RathSoul Z
    Golden Moon Z
    Rath Soul Z
    3 slot weapon

    I can't remember the gems, sorry.

  5. another question should i only use purple sharpness weapons for hr9? im playing it on my psp 3000 so i cant have hp display for the monsters as much as i wish i could

  6. im having trouble with all the hr9 monsters. can you tell me what weapons have enough power to bring hr 9 monsters down? i tried akantor greatsword on hr9 diablos so i can make artillant king blade but the sword cant kill it. any ideas shimmerarc? =/

  7. Hmm. U do have a point … Now now , how did I manage to finish that … ? Oi! Felyne! GET HERE! /grabs Felyne by the neck

  8. To me, it's always like this:

    "Ok, Ok, he's far away, ROLL! Aha! He won't touch me, oh that leg's a comin'! Ah, dodge it, OH NO WAIT IT'S STILL COMING!" *Dies*

  9. Nice ! Grats dude. xD
    Took me a couple of tries on my first time to actually kill Akantor without dying. D:

  10. Oh duh. The music is kinda retarded. ._. Why does it keep playing even after the clip has ended. NOO!! /pokes camtasia /pokes /pokes /pokes. Viewers. Pardon me. 🙁 🙂


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