Black Desert Online – Amity Mini Game Guide 2017 BDO


Black Desert Online – Amity Mini Game Guide 2017 BDO

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Black Desert Online is a large scale sandbox-oriented MMORPG that provides a variety of unique experiences with spectacular action and battle. Expect strategy-based castle sieges and sophisticated simulation content such as trade, NPC-hiring and real estate management. Black Desert Online boasts the deepest character customization system of any MMORPG on the market today.


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  1. Why the absolute fuck aren't you continuing to talk for free? Why do you exit every time?
    Also, you're getting the combo wrong…when the combo person is activated… X turns AFTER THAT PERSON WAS ACTIVATED, the other people get +amity for X turns.
    You totally fucked up this guide man. Lol.

  2. For the life of me i could not figure this mini game out……this helped sooooooooo much. Thank u. This works on xbox as well

  3. I have a question, I'm pretty sure there's a really obvious thing I'm overlooking here but when I play the Amity game and I succeed and it says you've gained 20 amity, the "current amity" just stays at 1 even though I've gained more amity. Am I missing something?

  4. Okay so like how are you getting like 12 at time. Im only getting like 3 per time? Is it based of of level or is the some sort of booster that i dont know about?

  5. To anyone who is wondering how to find out how much Amity when you talk npc look on the lower left hand side you will see how much you have with that particulars npc hope that helps everyone


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