Hi Everyone! I’ve compiled here the top 6 farming spots in the game! Hope you like it! And also did an epic fail at the end jeeezz!

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  1. #epicfail with the 6th Farming Spot LOL

  2. hahaahahhaaahhaahhahahahahhahahah mainte

  3. mobile is not even 3% of the total game …. why do people play it ? go play BDO not some tiny mini game.

  4. This is a Jurassic Era info

  5. Wager ka pala sir, pa ask po if sang map merong log loots?

  6. All i need is High Quality Crystal. Can u tell me where???

  7. Do you play with a mobile emulator or do you actually play with mobile? If so, in what mobile do you play?

  8. so im at 4.4k cp with ascension i am currently farming at cron underground do u suggest a better spot i am trying to hunt a red gear

  9. any other way than Farming.. TIA.. :

  10. sadly you have your guildmates but they are the one who loots good item

  11. I need advice for the Mark of the Shadow

  12. Can you recommend a levelling guide?

  13. oh wandering map, just came for the first time, after 10mins, it drop orange :' ty

  14. What's the drop rate for the orange mark of the shadow ring in hidden monastry ? Has anyone ever gotten it from this location ?

  15. if just the drop rate wouldnt suck so much, would be more fun to farm

  16. What is with Soldier Grave ?

  17. Hi boss I've been following since ragnarok eternal love..just asking where did you get your orange accesories?did you farm it?or bought it to market??mahal kasi sa market do you have any advice paano makakapag save ng black pearl??tnx for noticing!!

  18. Can other players kill you, if you already in black spirit mode ?

  19. Can u make a video on how to properly hunt violent mobs?
    On what route is the best ?

  20. Bakit ayaw mo sa Cron or Wala sa list dito? Hindi ba maganda dun, 2880 pa Lang ako.

  21. Lmao 😂😂😂

  22. any place to farm for people stuck in 2500 cp even with alt?

  23. How to get rid of blurry graphics? I already set high but it's still blurry

  24. Hahahahah

  25. Wait, you said violent mobs are the ones who drop boss stamps etc, what about the orange gear? Can any mob drop it or just violents?

  26. Thank you!!🤘🌺

  27. just a hint, all monsters drop what violent monsters drops, violent ones just get better chances and higher amounts

  28. All this time. Mali yung ginagawa ko >_<

  29. I often leave my character overnight and sleep, everytime i check it hte next morning its always dead. But my pots is untouched. Did someone pk me? or something else happened?

  30. Please speak skower. I feel lije i need to put the video on -x1,5 to understand you.

  31. 8:52 you're welcome

  32. Sad im still 2,317 cp

  33. Alam mo boss sa witch ok yang cron castle per hour malaki yan

  34. Nako Marvin di pa aabot cp ko sa 2200 palang cp ko at lvl 40.

  35. Which monsters drop yellow/orange gears? (Violent mobs)?

  36. I have 2.5k cp only

  37. Lods pwd gawa ka vids about sa mga phone ma kaya ang bdm ng full graphics..tia

  38. Does special chicken soup and chicken soup work on bs mode?

  39. your attkspeed is so fast

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