** BLACK CLOVER GLB GACHA GAME IS OUT * | ** Black Clover: Phantom Knights *


Well after you guys non stop messaging me and surprised Black Clover has a GLB Gacha Game.

#ShineyLuck #BlackClover #BlackCloverPhantomKnights

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  1. Hi there if you're interested, I'm a vendor for gacha games such as this. I offer 50% discount for in game currencies.

    For black clover:

    I offer $40 per 16000 jewels.
    If order is 32000 and above, there will be a bonus of 8000jewels

  2. PrRetty fun at first, but games get stagnant at certain point where u finish all story. Only 1 event to grind for….

  3. If this has better graphics,it wouldn’t get so boring.No,I’m not saying that I’m judging a book by it’s cover,but honestly,the graphics look like some old ancient game,which is what makes players easy to get bored.

  4. Get Yami, people! He has the best formation and is the first old character to be made a 7*. The other is the Demon

  5. On the free multi banner you can only get mars as a WHOLE character. You can get other 5 stars but only 5 sheets or so even if you don't have them.


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