BLACK and GOLD Nike Hypervenom Phantom 3 Game of Gold football boots

Nike Hypervenom Phantom 3 Game of Gold football boots – as a tribute to some of the most lethal strikers in football, Nike have released an amazing new pair of black and gold Hypervenom 3 football boots called Game of Gold. Made to highlight how the Nike Hypervenom 3 football boots are the preferred choice of some of the worlds’ best strikers, the Game of Gold football boots have been made to signal the hunt for goals and glory at the end of the season. Made with an upper of Flyknit, the Hypervenom Phantom 3 football boots are made to offer a sock like fit in order to give you a completely seamless sensation. At the same time, the Hypervenom 3 looks to enhance your finishing thanks to the rate dependent foam pods that are located in the striking zone, so when the Hypervenom Phantom 3 football boots connect with the football, it compresses to give you a harder, firmer striking surfacer on the boots. In today’s video PWG and JayMike then discuss the new Nike Hypervenom Phantom 3 game of gold football boots and compare it to some of the older colourways of the Nike Hypervenom 3 we’ve seen since its release in January 2017 – and they both agree that it’s one of the best looking Nike Hypervenom 3 football boots we’ve seen so far.


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  1. Yo i have the hypervenom in the ice pack it s great bro

  2. I found the pro version of these boots for $25 at Burlington Store.

    I have this in black and instead of gold it’s silver.

    Pretty rare from YouTube perspective but not the elite model. Still $130 pro boots for $25 makes me happy.

  3. I have these at home

  4. To be fully honest, I don’t care what the color wave is, hypervenoms just have a the best design for me. By far my favorite cleat

  5. I had those ones

  6. I am getting the academy version of that

  7. Just got these and they look even better in real life. Absolutely stunning boots

  8. what is df

  9. Lol i love hypervenom shoes they are the most stylish in my opinion and quite comforting but i havent tried many so i cant say much of others

  10. Watch the guy in the red at 2:25 he teses himself 😂😂

  11. I agree should have had a touch more gold but I still love them

  12. If you agree love my comment

  13. They are Beautiful!!!

  14. Why the upper is different from a regular hypervenom 3 phantom?

  15. I need help so i have wide feet and my shoe size is 12-13 but idk what type of these or the size I should get who ever got these can you help me by replying

  16. Game of gold cleats 🤩

  17. All of the boots behind you is yours

  18. What do you guys think, should I get green laces for my totally black footballboots or should I keep the black laces? The boot is totally black, not any other colors at all

  19. Can you do top 5 cheapest boots under 40 ur

  20. Where could i buy the low cut?

  21. these look nice if i knew these were coming i would not have bought the hypervenom phantom 3 from the lock in let it loose pack

  22. Få dig nu en mindre cap mr. left guy. Du ligner en knægt der er klar til blå mandag. Fed støvle tho

  23. these boots look amazing… all of em

  24. I loved football I want to buy a shoes but I don't have money

  25. Pure class

  26. They should have done similar stuff with their other models where each model holds their own unique design (based on styles of play) and unique name.

  27. I love the video but can you do a recreating goal of cr7 bicycle kick

  28. The Highcut ones, of course

  29. unisport can i please get a pair of these boots my mom lost her job

  30. Felt the urge to cringe, the swoosh placement looks weird, felt like I was watching a try not to get mad video

  31. I want them so bad and these are the only hypervenom I’ll take over any football boots

  32. Can you do play test ?

  33. Will they make game of gold academy or only elite ?

  34. when the beautiful game turns to be all about money it's not surprising for nike to made a boot named "game of gold".

  35. got the predator 18.1 for 100€ instead of 220€ good deal?

  36. Motion blur are the best

  37. Hypervenoms are my favorite boots
    I have rising fast pack hypervenom

  38. Jay and PWJ the currency is in Euro how can I change it

  39. This comment is not about the boot its that i can do a rainbow flick but can't juggle

  40. Reminds me Black Panther

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