BEWARE OF THE BLACK HOLE! | Stick Fight: The Game [Ep 3]

The black hole gun was a dangerous weapon to wield, yet there is something peaceful about us being decimated by it.
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  1. I love this series keep up the good work guys #notifactionsquad

  2. just look at paul, 9:18

  3. 1:54
    Tanner: Get sucked into a literal black hole.
    Also Tanner: “NO, THE SNAKE!!!”

  4. pauls character at 4:14

  5. Video is good but make ur colours on the Facecam the same as their in game colour instead of their colour

  6. Watching this now is hella weird cus they are like strangers in this video and they ain't like this now XD

  7. They still dont have headphonesss

  8. 7:12
    Platform: fine if the others get on it
    Connor: Gets on Platform
    Platform flings both Paul and Connor off the map
    Platform: GET OFF ME PLEBS

  9. tanner and matt look so young in these old videos omg

  10. Did you see how much Conner glitched

  11. I love you guys #notificationsquad

  12. I get bullied slot in school so I come home crying and then I watch your videos they always cheer me up

  13. Go Conner I eating pink starburst

  14. 7:20 someone said wht the pack has happen

  15. best videos ever love what you guys are doing keep up the good work

  16. Crazy thought here, but what if, just what if, they dont like the snakes. I know ita a bit far fetched, but keep an open mind

  17. Did anyone see colors face at 0:30

  18. #notifactionsquad

  19. What do you play on

  20. 2019

  21. 9:20 what is paul doing

  22. Hey guys you should play roblox if you play minecraft

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