Baldur's Gate 3: The Black Hound – Canceled Game You Will Never Play


Interesting story about canceled Baldur’s Gate III: The Black Hound game.
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  1. Just don't mention larian studios again. Those fools and their turn-based shit deserve to lose their jobs. They ruined the BG series👿👿

  2. I have played these games for almost 20 years. It:s sad that Black Hound got passed around and orphaned so much. It was a very solid game concept. Maybe with the new BGIII title, devs or modders will bring the campaign from BH into the new engine as a module or expansion.

  3. Diwd youw not knoww that Black Isle, Obsitian Stwdios, Bioware and Aatari are pretty much the same group of programmers savew a few skiwn tagss?

  4. The art from BG3: The Black Hound look very similar to some areas in the later Pillars of Eternity game, made by Obsidian which has many former Black Isle Studio members.

  5. There was also a pet dog you could get in Pillars of Eternity named The Black Hound. A lot of the cancelled Interplay projects got some kind of mention in Obsidian games, like the Burned Man from Fallout Van Buren rewritten into Joshua Graham for Fallout New Vegas. It's sad we never got these games but Obsidian is still making great RPGs.

  6. Beamdog released EE of these old games, but left more to be desired. Being able to play BG 1&2 and IWD on phones and tablets is pretty cool I guess, but NWN has not aged well at all. They put all their focus on translating the game for mobile devices, not improving the graphics. You can't run on your own nostalgia and expect everyone else to see the same thing through your eyes.

  7. Bastard mother ***** ****. I nearly just punched my dear laptop. Now it's angry and will probably lag in games for the next few days now.

  8. @ColdBeer if you didn't checked game called Tyranny from Obsidian then please do it. It's really something awesome and too bad that it will probably never get a sequel.


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