Back to being a beginner pleb ➤ Season Servers Ep1 || Black Desert Online.


📌 ~~~ Description ~~~ 📌
Let the new adventure BEGIN!!
Time to see how much i can achieve in not even 3 full months 🙂

So far week1 i got lvl 59 and a good chunk of the main questline done , i bet in 1 more week i’ll be 61 xD

At the end of the day i guess the Season Characters are a refreshing way to enjoy the game so , i’ll make full use it of , cya in about a week or so o/

#BlackDesert #SeasonServers #SummerSeason

🎸 ~~~ Songs / Music ~~~ 🎸
➭ Uniq Japan Chill, Lofi hip hop
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📝 ~~~ Notice ~~~ 📝
➭ This is all done from my own perspective and with my own opinion of Black Desert , if there are any aspects of this topic that i missed or got wrong then please leave a comment below as other people may see it and benefit from the extra information , ty.
➭ This is a serious description, do not take it lightly!! ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ



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  1. 60-61 using sherekhan tome takes 1,5h to go up lvl doing all dreighan combat, stars end and kama. After u finish mediah you get another free pet

  2. Just forget about everything and enjoy seasonal! starting from 0 with a new class is a really appealing experience, even more when you get so highly rewarded for doing it

  3. Tip: Tshira is easy for the weekly kill x quest because it has mobs everywhere and no one can "dominate" some single rotation. Had no issues completing it there with low AP in very little time.

  4. l think succession is way better even at low skillpoints and ap, it gets broken with that level 60 skill (back + C) but once u unlock shadow explosion, you can now do the ninjutsu releases which deal crazy damage
    Awakening for me is too boring and sleep inducing (and somewhat clanky animation wise) but l like the esthetic of the sah chakram, wish we retain its idle animation even in succesion

  5. Try the RBF spot should be good for farming trash 😂😂😂

    Also I'm rerolling my season character for kuno bcoz of you lol

  6. No, free pets is only a recent thing, but nothing to do with seasonal event. You get in fact three pets doing quests. Cat, dog and bird.

  7. I must be doing something terribly wrong, it takes me a week and a half of grinding to get from lvl 56 to 58, and now I'm learning that I could 0 to 57 in just an hour.

  8. Succ = More mobility, more buttons to press (better grind if focussed) Awakening = Spin to win, a bit slower but u have a holahoop!

  9. After hitting 56, you could also leech at Miru until 60.
    With regular buffs, like those you used in the video, it shouldn't take longer than about 1 & 1/2 hour.
    Then you quest 30 minutes to get to 61.
    But by now you're probably already at 61 when taking one of your comments into account. ^^


    thats my feedback after 13 days 😛

    PS: do u play 1440p or 2160p ?


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