Air Jordan 12 Black/Game Royal


Hey Guys! Today we’re taking a detailed look and review at the upcoming Air Jordan 12 Black/Game Royal.

Release Date: September 21, 2019
Retail Price: $190

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  1. I used to have a pair of AJ 12s back in high school and it lasted me a good 2 years 2-3hours of out door game time daily, the sole was really stiff and I jumped 2-2.5inches higher than any other shoes I've tried.

  2. This are gorgeous 😍😍😍 so are you👊😎 … yeah ! that's what Im saying
    Happy wife happy life
    Keep Up … stay safe
    Bless u Man!

  3. They just need to release the black and white playoffs version and forget about all these alternate colors. Nobody wants those. Reverse taxi bs come on 🥱

  4. Man my blue turned light blue … bad shoes… my black leather turned grayish-black … this shoe is not good to buy … I got caught in the rain and it changed my whole shoe color… the colors isn’t the same … is theirs a way to get my color back ?

  5. I just want to ask, in your opinion which is better the Reverse taxi or Royal Blue. In terms of materials and performance?

  6. The Jordan 12 are the best Jordans to play in your the only person that likes them as much as me. I just wish the blue was using the same leather as the Flu Games.

  7. Sadly here in Korea all Jordan 12 are banned. So i have to get them for resale. Still, this my 1st 12,s

  8. Can’t believe these sat in some stores. When we look back at 2019 they might be my sleeper pick for the year

  9. I think your right about the slight homagé

    😆 thats what I say to my wife, right after Ive said it to my Jordans


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