A Tour of CHIANG MAI, THAILAND: Budget Traveler's Paradise


Exploring the pleasant and exotic small city of Chiang Mai in northern Thailand.
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Video created by Gabriel Morris, who is the owner of all video or photo content. Filmed using an Olympus SP-810UZ and/or a GoProHero Plus LCD.

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Intro song: “Smart Riot” by Huma-Huma
“Whiskey on the Mississippi” & “Desert City” by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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A Tour of CHIANG MAI, THAILAND: Budget Traveler’s Paradise

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  1. Just a heads up from somebody who's lived in Thailand for a very long time. Be careful when you come to Chiang Mai. This is one of the worst places for extortion from tourists who've rented local motorcycles. The police know for a fact that you don't have a license or possibly a helmet and they know who's renting the motorcycles but they don't stop it because you are their guaranteed supply of money. The police in Chiang Mai are slowly destroying the tourism here.

  2. Gabe, sorry last one (for this video anyway): I would not recommend going for Mexi food in Thailand. I mean, as long as you are there, why not eat as authentically as you can? I mean, you never know when you'll be able, especially in the US of A, to get food that is actually the realer Thai deal!

  3. Oh, I'd kill to be in one of those fish spas!! 🙂 🙂 They eat dead skin and nail. When you come out, you have a pretty great pedi, actually, from all that I have heard.

  4. Gabriel, another request for you, please> If you can possibly avoid presenting your faster-forward footage at such a DIZZYING speed then that would surely be appreciated. I like to see what I know I'll never be able to (no money on me, Bro'!) but if footage of it is all sped-up then of course I can't do so.
    I think a few other people have commented upon this matter too, under some other videos and they feel the same way, I do.

  5. Gabriel, how do you decide on where to eat? I mean when you walk by and see so many restaurants and such?

  6. Oh, I see you are wearing a "Hand of Fatima" choker! Really cool. I got one when I was in Morocco about 40 years ago, now.

  7. You can't get good dragon fruit over in Seattle, that's for sure. What a great shame! Smoothies in Seattle cost at LEAST $7.00, no joke. I love mangoes and feel sorry for people who are allergic to them.

  8. thanks a lot for your tips Gabriel, they come quite handy for my next vacation, greetings from Chile

  9. Well… it's not Wat Soi Duthep, and not Wat Doi Suthep……  it's Wat Phra That….up on Doi Suthep mountain.  
        (Pronounced Wat Pra Tat,   Phra and That have the short A sound… like the word "ah" and the "h" is silent) 
        Wat Phra That Doi Suthep.วัดพระธาตุดอยสุเทพ
           Lots of people call it "Doi Suthep", but that's actually the name of the mountain where Wat Phra That is located.

  10. Hey Gabe! Just decided to go to thailand in a few weeks as a gift to myself for my 20th birthday so I m basically binge watching all of your videos about thailand and man it s making looking forward to it even more! Will be the 26th country I m visting but the first one in asia, can't wait to discover what it has to offer


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