A NEW GAME MODE???? | Call Of Duty Black Ops III

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  1. 2018??

  2. What is the mode called

  3. At 10:15 keep up is in the background

  4. Simon is sooo bad

  5. If u listen closely u can hear keep up at 9:58

  6. What gun was Simon using?

  7. Why swear so much

  8. What has he got on the icr-1

  9. I love when just rage is

  10. do more black ops3

  11. U do know there is a rocket launcher on your Kuda class 🙄

  12. They thought it was about the time in the beggining hahahahahahHa

  13. What's the game mode called?

  14. what game mode is this

  15. Slogoman

  16. Nice gold camo

  17. low graphics are real

  18. Who puts a sight on a VMP

  19. You try and escort the robot as fast as you can, if you go to overtime

  20. vik said that they should give the robot gyns n stuff. they have. its called a gi unit

  21. 10:16 keep up was know

  22. y dont u ever snipe

  23. y dont u ever snipe

  24. it's HC-XD not RC-XD Victor Star!!!!!!

  25. the blackcell I had does more damage

  26. the blackcell u had does more damage

  27. The way everyone has prestige do apart from vik

  28. I bet I can beat you in call of duty

  29. make more bo3 videos

  30. It's a mode you defo need a full party for. Playing it with all randoms and no chat going on is torture

  31. there was dark matter cameo

  32. I farted

  33. Do you hear keep up in the back ground lmao 😂😂😂😂😂

  34. What's the game mode called

  35. can you play more of cod plz

  36. This is basically payload from tf2.

  37. need that SDMN clan tag!!!!

  38. Can you please play hard point game mode please

  39. I Think Simon is the Best of SDMN, I Mean he Upload videos every day Sometimes he upload 2 videos, & his videos are good!!!

  40. Why didnt you just use the launcher you had with your kudu instead of switching to vmp

  41. Loving the call outs you guys do! I'm expecting a Sidemen pro cod team for 2016 XD

  42. The good thing to do in Call Of Duty is not just shooting bullets like you are insane you have to pop pop pop pop and that will work as you kill your target. My most kills on Call Of Duty ghosts is 24-46 kills I think it was about 43 kills

  43. Love ur vids even the new ones

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