A Kill with EVERY DLC WEAPON in 1 GAME! (Black Ops 4)

A Kill with EVERY DLC WEAPON in 1 GAME! (Black Ops 4)


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  1. Yeet

  2. He's not using his own account he's using raidaways account

  3. anyone from 2020

  4. I got vmp for 2 reserve cases , no fckng idea why they made that offer😂

  5. the 9mm

  6. Vmp

  7. Since when is raidaway black?

  8. “yeet“

  9. Omg im trying so hard to get my First nuklear, i Always die after like an 18 streak. And He Just wrecks the whole lobby Like its nothing

  10. Yeet

  11. The grav is not a dlc

  12. Yeet

  13. nice

  14. It s so hard too play vmp this weapons have no recoil…

  15. Yeet

  16. Yeet

  17. Its nog kap40 its kap45

  18. Does anyone know how to get the skin raidaway is using at the start

  19. my fav dlc weapon is the
    Micromg 9mm

  20. yeet

  21. This nigga really be the one that buys literally everything in the game cause he loves the game 🙄😂

  22. why do you have RaidAways name ?

  23. Can't wait for you to hit 1mil🙂🙂

  24. Yeet

  25. Need your VTOL extended?? Watch this video to see how!

  26. yeet

  27. You forgot eye of apophis

  28. Vmp is the best in my opinion

  29. That's not raid away

  30. Its locus

  31. Tus locus

  32. Tus locus

  33. Vmp

  34. I love either the hala sniper or the vpm but my little cousin would never have got a dlc weapon besides paying for it so he loves that you can pay to get one so he uses the 9mm gattling gun thing

  35. Locus🎮

  36. All dlc weapons I have

    Assault rifles: Swat RFT, Galil, Peacekeeper, and AN-94

    Smgs: Daemond 3xb, switchblade mx9

    Tactical rifles: m16

    Light machine guns: tigershark

    Sniper rifles: vendetta

    Pistols: kap45

    Shotguns: Rampage

    Melee: secret Santa, slay bell, cha Ching, nifo’oti

  37. What kinda gets me triggered is that they don’t go in chronological order with these types of videos

  38. Yeet😅

  39. Yeet

  40. Locusts

  41. Nice vid!!!!

  42. Mine is the deamon

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