50+ kills every game with this setup on Black Ops 4! The Vapr is the only show in town at the moment and you’ll see why in this video. Leave a like for more Black ops 4 videos!

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  1. Never played black ops 4 because after playing hardcore hours of cod since 07 I just couldn’t get behind this game. Same goes with ghost, advanced and infinite warfare

  2. I have to shoot at the enemy way more to get kills. Am I missing something?

  3. That triple kill on 1.00 was sick !! Love all your videos 👌💯 #notificationsquad

  4. Anybody know his class setup?

  5. The amount of sweat in this video.

  6. I'm in the #notificationsquad can you please put me in a vid and sub to my channel

  7. Wit about Scottish cod player in this

  8. If you enjoyed this absolute ass kicking!! thats what you should say

  9. @marleythirteen how did you get that skin on Nomad, the one that’s been set as showcase ?

  10. Fucking clickbait

  11. # notification squad # u help me get better at God so thanks Garry is the God

  12. #notificationsquad keep up the good work bro

  13. Nd people call Ali a good 😳

  14. Is there only maps from bo1 in this game or why is he playing on summit and jungle?

  15. #notifacationsqaud!!!

  16. Loving the vids lad, keep up the kill streaks

  17. Hard-core doesn't count ya dick

  18. Is it worth getting this game? A canny decide

  19. #notificationsquad
    New subscriber but been follwoing u on Facebook for a while.

  20. Such a try hard using headset. If u have a scuff then that's just even worse.

  21. DAE scottish cod players again

  22. Notification Squad!!!💯

  23. It’s so obvious that you’re using gameshark. Just come clean now and we can leave this behind us

  24. watching him not pick up tags pains me

  25. 2:08 Camps 5 seconds later…
    "You camping dick!"

  26. Why do people keep putting bloody images up about their videos saying watch here. Just post the bloody video man

  27. So happy a found yu honestly man I’m sick ah aw the American accents bout time I subbed tae someone that’s Scottish

  28. So much better than Ali-A

  29. You stress me out Hahahaha why not collect the tags when your killing people, you ran away from tags in there spawn about 3 minutes in hahahahaha, keep up the good work big man

  30. Best gun?

  31. Marley you beast SOAP would be proud

  32. I prefer you without the camera go old school like when you did mw2

  33. I’m honestly so happy for your success bro

  34. Am sure av seen you in glesga😂

  35. What attachments are you using?

  36. Marley’s back on top 💪

  37. Rebalancing needed, that gun is way op.

  38. is it just me or is it when marley playes it looks so easy but when i play a cod game the enemy team is full of campers

  39. What 1000 iq looks like

  40. Is Infinity Ward or Treyarch going to go back to their modern day set games like they used to? Or are we stuck going forward 100 years or so per CoD

  41. What gun is he using

  42. Thought he really was goin off but its hardcore

  43. #sweatificationsquad M8 you're gonna burn through a few towels with that much sweat

  44. Sweatification squad checking in

  45. You playing against bots? Normally people kill me before I've even gone round the corner and seen them

  46. That game on summit looked like a lobby full of potatoes easy kills man

  47. #notificationsquad also see you at resonate mate

  48. Sexbox 4 life

  49. what is the best specialist to use?

  50. i think marley may be the reason so many copys of cod 4 are being sold on facebook

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