3 Tips to Improve at Any FPS Game (Black Ops 2 Gameplay Commentary)

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There are three big mistakes that I see players make in shooting games. So, I made a video turing those into three tips to improve at any FPS game. The game used in Black Ops 2 but the tips carry over into almost any FPS.

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  1. 1. DON'T look at the ground (Mainly for Fortnite players as they spend a lot of the time building and looting)
    2. Pre-aim or ADS before you even see the enemy
    3. Do not get Revenge kills (For games with respawn mode) as the enemy will be expecting you and will just get more kills/points


  3. this helped me in minecraft pvp 🙂

  4. This seems far to simple maybe if someone's never played a game before they will learn something lol

  5. I have never seen anyone look down it even looks weird to do in game

  6. I have a prob dodging enemies like what should I do, should i move right and left or right left and back how are my steps supposed to be

  7. I raged so bad I turned off my ps4 and looked up how to get better

  8. The "take a moment to get your bearings after spawn" thing applies to every game. You need to make sure you don't get into a mindless cycle. You have to know what you're doing and do it with intent. The game I'm specifically thinking of is Guild Wars 2, but it applies to even single player games like Sekiro. You need to be thinking– you need that moment of thoughtfulness.

  9. I like the tip to aim at headshot level

  10. Pre Aim Helped A LOT Bro!
    Thanks For This
    I Got 15 Kills 2.8 Kd
    its Not That Much But
    Better Then Before And I
    Avoid Looking Down

  11. As someone who has a kdr of 4.2 in most games.







  12. “This may not happen exactly like this” NO THIS IS EXACTLY HOW IT GOES DOWN 😂😂😂😂

  13. doesn't look at ground steps on claymore ***

  14. Depends. My flicks are more accurate when i flick from the ground up

  15. I have permanent bad aim so I can't be good at FPS games

  16. In my 12 years of gaming, I have looked down with an ak-47…

  17. Bad habit: Shoots 1 bullet, Reloads

  18. nr 4 : dont spray
    try to shot bit by bit it will help with the aim and reduce recoil

  19. I hate games that doesnt have aim down sight

  20. I think my problem are my thumbs and I squeeze the controller and I forget to breath. Strafing is the worst for me

  21. No matter how social awkward I am in real life, I would never ever look at the ground while playing Counter Strike or Call of Duty

  22. I m no.1 loser in multiplayer please suggest me how to improve shot accuracy in multiplayer FPS . Just because of quick moving and continuosly run its difficul for me to aim and shot accuratly in running position .

  23. When I'm aiming and shooting someone, should I stay still and just shoot or move a bit with A and D while I shoot so they can't hit me so easily?

  24. Ok I get it
    1: don't look down and run
    2: preame at your target
    3: don't take revenge on the player who killed you the first time
    4: look around by your spawn to make sure no one is gonna kill you

    Yay now I will finally be able to get it right 😄

  25. 2018 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Even phantom forces? Its a roblox game.
    Dont hate.

  27. I'm not sure if this is a tip but when aiming down sights don't look at the enemy, look down your sights at the enemy and try to be the first to shoot no matter how fast you have to be, even if you have to be as fast as Usain Bolt!

  28. Also, don't wait until you are in the doorway to turn your head. If you are entering/exiting a building, keep facing towards the doorway at all times.

  29. Main problem with poor performance in any game is LAG .

  30. U forgot the #1 tip: PREFIRE/EXPECTATION

    when u watch a killstreak from pro players / they prefire, they know the mapKnowledge, depending on awareness and SENSE. The peeker advantage!!!!

  31. For #3 use grenades

  32. Tip 3 is my biggest problem

  33. If you want to play games with 120 fps delete system32 JUST KIDDING DONT DOO THAT

  34. Thank you : )

  35. My friend been inviting me to play this kind of game on consoles he has and some for computers (I'm buying a USB Controller Soon) and I got to learn LOTS of thoose. I don't know nothing about guns. Better do some more searchs.

  36. Hey man!

  37. 2018?

  38. I just wanna say that these tips really help me out. Thank you!

  39. Thank you

  40. What if you have Motion Sickness?

  41. omly ttips
    keep ur head calm
    be brutal
    be strategic

  42. This is basic stuff. The revenge kill is good tho, something i use to lure players into a bigger ambush or make the good players waste time so they stop scoring much.

    If u want an incredible upgrade to your fps gaming even when starting. Then start to work in your prediction abilities And memorize maps.

    I dont have the best aim or reaction , but i manage to know where, when and how player will come up from. I have been developing this way of gameplay since i have never had good luck or not many ppl covering my back.
    So i grew paranoid and started to play as in reality and my enemies posible realities at the same time.
    I taught this to my lil brother, whos killstreaks where only cut by ppl shooting him from the back. Just 3 days later he got the hang of it and even better as he is at a higher lvl than me. Now he kills about 3 full squads without pause even luring them all revealing himself in the radar. You know they all will rush cause of numbers confidence.
    But now i feel sorry for the ppl that plays against him.
    And most of the time they call him hacker or kick from lobby.

    Edit: if you read it and think "bullshit high af dude" or "old video man why comment?" then dunno man just try it if you want. Still have more tips but they are weirder to explain.

  43. Thank you I'm playing MW2 and I suck thanks for the tips

  44. and one more thing to improve on any fps game (PC only) You must have at least 4GB+ RAM

  45. very helpfull

  46. I haven't killed anyone like that, I am the one who dies after spawning like, immediately.

  47. Bonus: don't go straight out an enemy just go left and right to make it harder for enemies to aim at you

  48. Que juego es este ?

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