1st Day Beginner Tips for Black Ops 4 (Best Game Settings, Best Specialist, What to Unlock and MORE)


▶︎ Some tips for your first day on Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Multiplayer. (Please Note: These tips are only for Multiplayer NOT Blackout or Zombies)

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  1. Thanks for watching guys!
    If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to ask in the comments! I will make sure to answer!
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  2. This only kinda helped because my problem is that I haven't played a call of duty game on controller in 2 years. I just need more practice with controller because I used to be really good

  3. better tip: play with bots first before ever jumping on online,that means not just playing 1 single bot match and then jump to online,no,you have to practice quite a lot to ever jump on online,a well trained player it's better than a untrained one

  4. Why does it ALWAYS have to take 2 min of pushing for likes and subs for these CoD videos to start? At least you don't yell like the other guys.

  5. Like the vid but u talk to much listen to me AR and SNIPER Locus or dragoon and ur sensitivity is ur choice the SNIPER is for TRICKSHOT and BO3 is better

  6. This is over a year ago but if anyone has recently bought this game (selling used for $19). If you're used to WWII or the other COD games and thinking where's the bot based games where I can practice?" Go right to Multiplayer, the menu's a bit different, load out your character, selecting bots is no longer (1-17 etc). Menus are a bit screwy, but if you play around, everything is all there in Black Ops as you know it, but just a bit diff, for example in Multiplayer L1 for type of games L2 for maps. Zombie is fun as hell btw. The first bit confused me "why am I sky diving? wtf". Just go through all the menus and you'll figure it what is what.

  7. i thought u had to kill everyone, i never realised u were on teams cos i killed as i landed then got abuse down the mic. im not used to cod games and going by what my mate said yea u join and kill everyone? so whats the deal?

  8. I am planning on getting black ops 4, it will be my first cod game ever, I’m not very good at video games like fort nite and shooters, do you think I will be able to learn this game

  9. This is awesome I just bought this game and I was so lost I didn't know what to do but you helped me a lot thx bro 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

  10. Wow another Console noob with aim assist… Get a PC and start real gaming. Dont plague youtube with your console noob vids…

  11. Thanks for this video although I’m almost a year late seeing it! I just found your channel not too long ago googling help on this game and glad I did! This is the first game I’ve ever played online. I got it with my ps4 console Christmas 2018. Haven’t Has a ps since ps2 and went to Xbox stopped playing cod on the Xbox 360. Hadn’t really played much for a few years and now I’m back and loving it.. it’s pretty much all I do when I’m not working 😅 I am a bit older than most playing these games and it’s been frustrating especially some of the gamers aren’t so nice and like to mouth us newbies! So mute has became my new friend 😂anyway I’ve watched several of your videos and have a lot more to watch but I wanted to say thank you for helping out a newbie. Great tips!

  12. I just picked it up on PC and don't listen to the haters. It runs outstanding on PC and I have no problems finding games in multiplayer and blackout


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