[144Hz vs 90Hz] Smartphone Game FPS Test – RedMagic 5G vs Black Shark 3 Pro vs iQOO Neo3


Can These High Refresh Rate Gaming Smartphones Actually MAX out Frames in GAMES? – PUBG / COD / Game for Peace / Bullet Force / Dead Trigger 2 / Into the Dead / Real Racing 3 / Trials Frontier Game FPS Test – I have the RedMagic 5G (144Hz), Black Shark 3 Pro (90Hz), and Vivo iQOO Neo3 (144Hz) to Aid ME in helping YOU figure out if these High Refresh Rate Gaming Smartphone Displays are worth YOUR hard earned cash!

Performance metrics were captured using GameBench Pro, the most accurate, enterprise testing tool in the industry. Follow the link below to learn more:

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00:00 – Intro / Specs / Settings
00:38 – Call of Duty Mobile (60FPS CAP)
01:50 – PUBG Mobile Global Version (60FPS CAP)
03:20 – Game For Peace – Chinese PUBG (90FPS CAP)
04:29 – Bullet Force (No FPS CAP)
05:30 – Dead Trigger 2 (No FPS CAP)
06:41 – Into the Dead (No FPS CAP)
07:28 – Real Racing 3 (No FPS CAP)
08:16 – Trials Frontier (No FPS CAP)
08:52 – Final Results (Total Ave. FPS)

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  1. Respect sir, how r U feel this coronavirus pandemic.really need NRM 5g ya IQOO NEO 3 (sorry my English is bed) can u give me any one mobile please.

  2. Is it just me or when you were playing codm on the Nubia RM 5G, the game was lagging? Is it just editing effects or is the phone laggy?

  3. It's really hard to see the differences on youtube. I have the Redmagic 5G. The only way to see the difference is actually to play them live in your own hands. Good review nonetheless.

  4. Bro did you test all these games in a continuous usage of each phone without giving any break on each each device ????
    I was informed that some gaming devices loose it's fps consistency after continuous usage of one or two hours because of the device getting hotter.


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