131 GUNSTREAK QUAD NUCLEAR GAMEPLAY..! Road To Dark Matter Episode 5 (COD BO4) Titan – Black Ops 4

131 GUNSTREAK QUAD NUCLEAR GAMEPLAY..! Road To Dark Matter Episode 5 (COD BO4) Titan – Black Ops 4

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  1. The times I get lucky enough to play against bots like these they leave, and get replaced by a 5 man sweat party

  2. how can you aim so fast

  3. Bro I've been itching to be like you gameplay wise if you want give me some tips would love it

  4. Wow how did i mis this insane gameplay i feel bad

  5. Ayyyyy great gameplay man

  6. Amazing 🔥

  7. 8:30 strike pack lmao

  8. Lmao this is crazy …. great vid !!

  9. New sub

  10. Please do the snipers

  11. God🌚♥️

  12. Holy shit I can’t take this vids anymore ur fuckin cracked

  13. You killin it my man

  14. It’s pretty crazy how much you can change someone’s day and just wanted to say thank you. My dad got arrested last night and I’ve just been really down and it’s little videos like these that can can make all the difference in someone’s day. Keep doing what you’re doing❤️🥺 also you should definitely do snipers last just because they’re more difficult and it makes for a better “finale” of primaries 😁😂

  15. Miss commenting for u , i always watch ur vids , keep going bro.

  16. At least I can’t say here before 5k when u blow up cause it gonna happen

  17. I can only IMAGINE all that XP that went to waste 😖

  18. Damm ablicity never thought u would lmgs now u have to do snipers

  19. Definitely snipe next!

  20. Ablicity you got aimbot or sum?

  21. Best vid I have seen

  22. Wtf 🤯🤯

  23. Id love to see you do snipers!

  24. How do you counter a vmp without using one

  25. Danm bruh you really had to do it to my guy Bouka 😄

  26. Yea! I wanna see you snipe since I'm new and I've never seen you snipe before lol

  27. Your a beast . Im always choking Nuclears 😂😂 But you got a new subscriber here and got that notification bell on . Hopefully me watching your video will make me stop choking .

  28. Your not human bro 😂🤟🏿💪🏿💯

  29. Wth you murdered that spawn lol

  30. Hoooooly shit i know your Insane but a Quad nuke….

  31. 131 gun streak crazy 💪

  32. How th does he have 441 cases .. I can’t even keep 5 cases lmaoo

  33. That’s ridiculous, I just got my first nuke while you hit 130… insane. You also got 140 kills with the flag, that’s 140k xp alone just from flag kills, insane gameplay.

  34. Good 🔥

  35. Ablicity:
    "Spawn trapping is insane on this side, I am just going to be quiet "
    😀 Love the Kill Chain starting around 14:58 😀
    🔥🔥x101 Unstoppables 🔥🔥

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