1,000 Kill Streak – Just Because. Black Ops 3 Custom Game | Swiftor


10k attempt is right here:

The other week I wondered, how high can a kill streak go in Black Ops 3? Didn’t see any other videos on YouTube that tried (feel free to correct me here) – so hey, lets try and hit a thousand and see what happens. If this works out, and you want to see us hit a higher record, we can make a big event out of it and – just let me know with a LIKE.

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Deez Nuts.

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1,000 Kill Streak – Just Because. Black Ops 3 Custom Game | Swiftor

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  1. first of all if one of those dudes wanna kill thereself they can becase they are the ones dien for the video be aprciative you are very cool i just didnt like what you said .

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