There are Non-organic cotton, printed in chemical colors, so even when decomposed, they leave negative impacts on the environment. I did not know these things when I bought them. So now, I try to use them carefully and reuse them as much as possible. Like in this video, I sewed the remaining pieces of them together to make a bag. Details of how to make this bag I shown in this video:

I think there is the most simple way to sew them together. But you should sew something that has 2 layers to let the fabric not frayed after.

For basic techniques:

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Thanks for the music from Kevin MacLeod:

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  1. I made my first bag today, from scraps of old jeans, old bed sheets, torn cotton tops, and strands of rope. Completely hand-stitched. I have never done anything like this before. Had learnt embroidery in school and had tried it on and off, made some stitched sketchbooks but never took on a big project like this.
    Took me around 2-3 weeks to complete it. Had uploaded it in social media stories and people appreciated. I love it myself, and can't believe I made that entire bag on my own.
    I don't know if you will read this comment, but I just came online to say thank you to you. Since I discovered your channel, I got the confidence to stitch my own things. I will probably try other projects now. There's an indescribable satisfaction in using and wearing things you have made yourself.
    So, thank you for these calming, encouraging, and informational videos. Hand-stitching seems a lot less intimidating since I started following your channel. Thanks a lot 😃😃😃💕

  2. LOVE this bag 🙂 on my list
    and agreed, the longer we can make these materials last the better for land fill etc
    and oh my goodness the size of those pieces at the end …

  3. If it was Bollywood you just made a dabaang entry in my life. I have currently a pile of scraps and wondered how to make most of it on the top of that I have no sewing machine and all I know is basic sewing so thank you for whatever you just did because you did it superbly.

  4. Watching you work is like watching a Studio Ghibli film. The way Miyazaki romanticizes everyday life, work, food, environments, etc. is the same as how I feel seeing your hands gently shaping and sewing fabric. It is so kind, and full of heart, as if every moment were sacred.

  5. Chị ơi em luôn thấy chị giống nhân vật nữ chính trong bộ phim khu rừng nhỏ (little forest) ạ. Em thích chị lắm <

  6. Em cứ đợi mãi video sản phẩm nào đó của chị ^^ cảm ơn chị. Trong lúc em khâu tay em lại bật video của chị lên cảm giác có người cũng cùng khâu như vậy <3


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